Unique Article Wizard ReviewUnique Article Wizard Review

What is the Unique Article Wizard (UAW)?

The Unique Article Wizard is a tool that takes away the manual task of submitting your articles to hundreds of article directories and does it for you on autopilot. What’s even more remarkable is that each and every article that is submitted to the network is unique! That doesn’t mean you have to write hundreds of different versions of your article, in fact, surprisingly you only need two further rewrites. As well as a unique article you can also have unique resource boxes and use up to three keywords as anchor texts for your backlinks.

The network of article directories and blogs is huge and, on average, your article will get posted to appoximately 600 – 1000 sites. That’s 600 – 1000 backlinks to your website from a single submission. The only time involved is writing your three articles and going through the submission process. If you start with a seed article this really shouldn’t take much more than an hour. You can then let the Unique Article Wizard do its thing.

Indeed, for the less dedicated writers, you can, as I do, outsource your article writing to a third party article writing service. The Unique Article Wizard has teamed up with one such service which actually writes all three versions for you and makes the upload of the articles to the UAW as simple as a press of a button. The article writing rates are very cheap, approx $12 for a UAW article set. If you go this route then everything is done for you, and the only interaction from you is pressing the submit key to blast your articles to the masses.

The Unique Article Wizard network is huge and consists of wordpress and blogger blogs as well as article directories and submissions sites. Your article will only be submitted to the relevant niche blogs and directories and this is controlled by you by assigning your article to various categories in order of relevance. Some of the blogs have a fairly high pagerank but, given the size of the network, the majority are PR0, 1 or 2. Nevertheless, since these low-PR blogs will be relevant to your niche they will naturally help you rank better in the search engines.

Pros and Cons


  • The interface is very manageable with various easy to advanced ways to submit your article with ease.
  • Full control over the number of articles submitted daily for those that are concerned with over linking penalties
  • Niche directories and blogs related to your article.
  • There is no limit to how many articles you submit, you pay a fixed monthly fee.
  • You can create pen names so as to keep your niche sites separate.
  • You can establish a large numbers of backlinks with ease and over a short time


  • Monthly cost is fairly high, so a minimum of 5 submissions a month is necessary to make it worthwhile.
  • No stats available
  • Takes a while to progress to the advanced one step wizard submission as there is a lot to learn, but it’s worthwhile. (this isn’t necessary if your articles are outsourced)

Unique Article Wizard Video Overview

Please note, the bonuses in this video are no longer available, though I am still offering a $10 discount on your purchase if you buy from here.

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The Unique Article Wizard is a great piece of software that will guarantee you a large increase in backlinks for your site with minimal effort. As long as you are prepared to write articles every few days or outsource them you will justify paying the monthly subscription.

I’ve been using the Unique Article Wizard for about two years now to provide backlinks to my entertainment site. For a very competitive keyword I am ranking 3 and 4 on the first page of Google. This didn’t happen overnight (although you will see a significant boost immediately, especially for long-tail keywords) as front page on Google is never easy. However, if you keep writing and submitting articles then that Google page 1 listing will not take long even in the most competative markets.

The Unique Article Wizard was my first serious investment when I started my link building campaign, and though I now run four separate link building strategies, the Unique Article Wizard remains a staple of that process.

Highly recommended 9/10

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